Here are some of the most common questions we get.

We work with more than 300 publications, from top-tiers like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Yahoo Finance, MSNBC, to many mid-tier ones as well.

Each package is tailored to best fit the client’s needs. However, we normally work with budgets of at least $5000.

We typically work with entrepreneurs and executives. However, our services are for anyone who is looking to grow their brand and be consistent in media because staying current in media is how you stay current in the world.

We are able to control the narrative of your story, guarantee placements at half the cost, and move fast with very quick turnaround times and delivery rates. Plus, we live it every single day! This is exactly what we did for ourselves, now let us replicate it for you.

You get to become a credible, trusted source in your industry, which then opens doors and leads to opportunities that set you up for success. We position you in such a way where you can demand more money because you’ll have credibility and a great reputation behind your name. And in this day and age, reputation is everything.

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